Working at Amway Supply Chain Services in Europe will have you teaming up with some 250 people from different nationalities and backgrounds. We all have these values in common:

We're there for our customers

A truly customer-centered approach relies on pro-active measures as opposed to well executed 'damage control'. That means we should be able to see through the customer's eyes, and listening to their needs. This is what comes first: we're here to exceed the expectation of both our internal and external customers.

We take responsibility

Thanks to our ability to deliver on promises, we're still a growing organization. This is one way to take responsibility. However, we also ask our employees to take responsibility for their own growth. We do everything we can to develop the talent of our workforce. After all, our employees are our most important assets.

We're in it together

Customer focus and individual performance are important, but only effective when integrated in a larger whole, the team. Our culture is informal and transparent. We regularly hold employee meetings and we also provide coaching programs.

We're looking for talent

We're constantly looking for talented, motivated and enthusiastic employees. Moreover, we regularly have opportunities for internships, bachelor & master graduates and for University graduates.

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